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Listen to the God in me as He teaches me to teach you.

Through His teaching, we are divinely inspired so this is the

Monday, April 19, 2010

Well Damn (In My Gucci Voice)

I have no intention on becoming one of those people who blogs every day. And I know I blogged last night. However, as Gucci Mane said, "Well damn."

Such a prolific and rhema phrase. Rhema is a Bible-word that means, "on time." And see, today was one of those days where all I could say is, "Damn." I woke up this morning and decided to come to campus early. There was no parking at my usual spot (big ups to Kianta Key) so I proceeded to my second spot. Came back later and my car was gone. Poof. Disappeared. In other words, you guessed it; I got towed. And it would be 100 dollars to get my car back. In addition to this unplanned expenditure, I got a ticket for 50 dollars at the same time. I paid the 100 dollars, I already didn't have, mind you, and got Jireh (my Accord) back. Then I went to stand in a stupidly long line for my cap and gown and received that. Got home to relax my mind for a second and realized I didn't have a stole (the Kente cloth with the university name and graduation year) so I had to go back to the stupidly long line. Went to class and left early to attend my very last Senate meeting as a senator. Put the key in the ignition, turned it over, and NOTHING. Not a whisper, not a purr, not a click. WELL DAMN. As if the 100 dollar tow wasn't enough. Or the 50 dollar ticket wasn't enough. Now I can add a starter to the list of unplanned expenses.

Normally I would have a piss poor attitude right now. But I have no choice but to look at all the good things in my life. I was accepted into a PhD program, graduation is next week, my lights are on, all my bills are relatively current. So why am I even thinking about complaining? Most of us base our lives on the things we don't have instead of focusing on the things we have. For everything I think I need and do not possess, there are two things I have but do not need. So I'm grateful. Even though I hear Gucci saying, "Well damn," when he hears about my day, I am comforted by the Mary Mary line, "It will all be worth it."

One day I will reminiscence about the time my car battery died. Or the time the window stopped rolling down. Or the time the car seat stopped adjusting. Or the hot air that blows out when I turn on the AC. Or the time a charger was pulled out of the cigarette lighter and the whole lighter came with it. One day I will be riding down the street laughing about the time my car was half of my age. But not today... Today I'll just say, "Damn."

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